faCE Issue 4


Please listen to Paul McCartney’s music video. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Change is underfoot. Change for the better.  Awareness of the truth is spreading.

Big Ag is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to influence and control government policy and legislation, to underwrite and disseminate false science denying climate change, and to create misleading advertising campaigns.

Alan Lewis is Director of Special Projects at Natural Grocers, a rapidly expanding natural food store chain, and is a very insightful industry insider who “knows just how badly the food system is broken.”  Please sign up on our e-mail list to this Farm Animal Compassionate Engagement site if you haven't already as I will be publishing a far ranging interview with him, incrementally over the coming weeks. In the meantime watch Alan's engaging TEDx talk, where Alan reveals the "sophisticated methods used by the food industry 'fibberati' to manipulate, deceive and distract us."

Most Americans still remain unaware of just how consequential this problem is. But that’s changing. And as people become more aware, they are acting with their voices, online, and with their purchasing decisions.

Twyla Francois, in Ditching in Droves: Why Canadians Are Dropping Milk, tells us why consumption of milk in Canada has dropped 25%.

Read Contamination and Cruelty in the Chicken Industry and you will probably stop buying factory farmed chicken. Any wonder meat sales in the U.S. are now declining as well? People are becoming more aware, more health conscious. Others are dying.

Is Your Meat Fit To Eat? is a well crafted brochure providing the information you need to make healthy informed choices.

The Voices For Change Are Rising. I want to celebrate that. Here’s examples what the growing ranks of informed people can accomplish.

The Humane League proclaimed victory with their petition, Sodexo - Stop Purchasing Eggs From Battery-Cage Farms. “In just a few short weeks, after hearing from hundreds of thousands of people like you, the second largest food service provider in the country is committing to a new animal welfare policy which will affect millions of animals for years to come - total phase-out of eggs from battery cages, banning veal crates, and a new policy on painkillers for dehorning, tail docking, and castration. This historic victory is one of the largest blows ever to battery cages and sets a new precedent for the industry.”

When Big Ag reacts is to try and criminalize whistleblowers by having Ag Gag legislation proposed in farm states, people are rising up and being heard causing most of these attempts to fail. Washington state is in play right now so Washington: Don't Shield Animal Abusers by Criminalizing Whistleblowers is an important petition.

Farm Animal Compassionate Engagement is about solutions. There’s much more to learn about and discover on our site. Take a little time and explore faCE.

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