faCE Issue 5


At faCE, we have a vision:  500,000 new family farmers. 500,000 new jobs over the next 10 years. A return to the days of profitable small sustainable farms ... farmed in a modern way.

Alan Lewis, as the buyer sourcing local healthy sustainably raised foods for his 90 Natural Grocers stores, keeps customers happy and healthy while enabling numerous family farmers to thrive. My interview with him is posted here. In faCE LOVE, he is our recommended Person.

Chipotle needs a lot of food for its 1,800+ locations. It sources non-GMO and, if it is an animal, one raised cruelty-free. It's scouring the entire country trying to source pigs raised in a humane and healthy manner. 

Willie Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellencamp and Farm Aid (our faCE LOVE Business recommendation) have raised over $48,000,000 to keep farm families on their land and “promote a strong and resilient family farm system of agriculture.”

Change is underfoot. Change for the better.  The info-graphic How We Shop For Food Is Changing demonstrates a shift in consumer attitude and buying habits. Awareness of the truth is spreading.

Walmart is one of the nation’s largest purchasers of factory-farmed animal 'product.'  Mercy For Animals presented Walmart hard evidence of the horrendous treatment of animals in its supplier factory farms and, as recently announced by MFA, Walmart has now committed “to ending many of the cruelest forms of institutionalized animal abuse in its supply chain," to “ending needless mutilations of animals without painkillers” and more making this “one of the most comprehensive animal welfare policies ever, signaling an important new era and direction for the company and marking a landmark day for the protection of farmed animals in America.“

Welcome news. But today in the U.S., a higher percentage of meat and dairy comes from factory farms than ever.  Most Americans remain unaware of just how dangerous factory farming is.

This year alone, several states have declared emergencies and 38,000,000 factory-farmed birds are being destroyed, having been infected with bird flu. There still is no cure for PEDv, the porcine epidemic diarrhea virus that first appeared in May 2013 and forces the killing and elimination of 100,000 young pigs each week.

Farm Animal Compassionate Engagement is about solutions. And one of those solutions is, for each of us as consumers, to do everything we can to support sustainable family farmers.

  • Eat less meat and dairy.
  • Know your food sources.
  • Avoid factory-farmed meat and dairy products completely.
  • Keep your friends and family informed, post spreading the word.
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Love and value life. All life.