faCE Issue 6

The theme of Issue 6 is BIG AG – THE FORCE OF DARKNESS

In the 1900s corporations took control of the nation’s meat supply, making a fortune by creating a system where farmers and ranchers were put on the edge of bankruptcy, slaughterhouse workers were exploited ruthlessly and the suffering of the animals was without parallel. Upton Sinclair’s classic novel, The Jungle raised awareness and motivated the government to step in and brake up the ‘Meat Monopolists.’ Christopher Leonard, reporting in his eye-opening book, The Meat Racket, chronicles the rise of Tyson Foods and Big Ag to the point today where just 4 companies control the vast majority of meat production in this country, destroying the livelihoods of countless small farmers and the economies of small rural towns. Conditions for animals, with the evolution of factory farming, have never been worse.

The data in the Food and Water Watch 2015 report explains why a combination of “trends has eroded rural economies, driven independent producers out of business and allowed the largest livestock operations to dominate animal agriculture in the United States.” Tom Philpott explains this apparent contradiction: We're Eating Less Meat—Yet Factory Farms Are Still Growing. Lindsay Patton writes about how this industry ruthlessly and cruelly manipulates the genetics of its animals with no concern for their suffering, let alone their well being in The Disturbing Ways Factory Farms Have Altered The Size Of Pigs.

It is in no way hyperbole to state that there is no industry on this planet which is more of a threat to our health and well being than Big Agriculture. It has grown into an immensely wealthy and vastly powerful Force of Darkness, guided by soulless executives beholden to nothing but their bottom line.


In the face of this dark reality, there are strong undercurrents forcing change. You are part of this.

·      People are making more informed choices about how they are sourcing their meat and dairy. Hundreds of thousands of people are acting with their pocketbooks. The demand for factory farmed meat is decreasing. As the industry adjusts trying to export it’s tainted products, more and more countries, citing public health concerns, are banning the import of factory-farmed meat and dairy products.

·      Hundreds of thousands of us are signing petitions calling out the corporations who are the largest purchasers and shaming their executives – and one by one corporations are coming around. McDonald’s announced its decision to transition to sourcing eggs only from cage-free hens. 

·      And we are winning in the courts. A Federal Judge in Idaho just struck down Idaho’s Big Ag industry championed Ag-gag law as unconstitutional. This is huge.

The battle is just beginning. We will end the cruelty of factory farming. Farm Animal Compassionate Engagement is about solutions. There’s much more to learn about and discover on our site. Take a little time and explore faCE.

  • Eat less meat and dairy.
  • Know your food sources.
  • Avoid factory-farmed meat and dairy products completely.
  • Keep your friends and family informed, post spreading the word.
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Love and value life. All life.