Scot Lehigh, in his Boston Globe column, Encouraging News On Animal Welfare, notes the “stunning progress” that has been made forcing the egg industry to phase out the cruel confinement of hens in battery cages. Commitments by grocery chains and fast food retailers to phase out the purchasing of eggs from battery-caged hens have grown in increasing frequency leading to similar recent commitments from McDonalds and Walmart. This leaves the poultry industry no choice but to change their ways. Scott also reports that that “some 75 companies, including those two behemoths, have promised to phase out extreme confinement of other farm animals, all within the next seven years. The veal industry has pledged to end close confinement of veal calves in 2017.”

Big Ag did not agree to make these changes out of compassion for the horrendous suffering of factory farmed animals. These corporate executives view that reality with unfeeling eyes and depraved souls. They are making these changes because they have been forced to - by you. Consumer pressure on their customers, the major supermarket and fast food chains, or as in my state of California, an overwhelming majority, 8,203,769 Californians, who voted this change into law.

This is the result of years of hard work and commitment by activists, humanitarians, animal rights organizations and the undercover investigators brave enough to document the horrible animal abuse endemic throughout factory farms, slaughterhouses, indeed the entire industry. Each of us should celebrate these changes and the suffering that will end for billions of factory farmed animals each year.

However, we remain at a cross roads, a pivotal time for us on this planet.

We are fast arriving at a critical moment in humanity’s Modern Era, the end of the age of antibiotics. The focus of faCE Issue 8 was ‘Antibiotics: Our Lost Last resort?’ Jason Best concludes in Antibiotic Of Last Resort Faces New Superbug Threat that “we’re watching antibiotics that were once hailed as miracle drugs increasingly lose their ability to fight disease.” In study after study, in Asia, Europe and the Americas, gene mutations in bacteria making them resistant to antibiotics are showing up in livestock - and in humans. The June 1st article, The Superbug Doctors Have Been Dreading Is Now in the U.S. documents “the first instance of a person living in the U.S.  infected with a feared antibiotic-resistant microbe.” Lance Price, PhD, a prominent resistance microbiologist and founder of the Antibiotic Resistance Action Center at George Washington University, has concluded that, “We’re watching our demise in real time.”

Nearly 80% of antibiotics used in this country are given to factory farmed animals in their food as a disease preventative enabling them to survive in their virulent factory farm confines. It is this overuse of antibiotics that directly can lead to infections that existing antibiotics cannot cure.

While the elimination of battery cage confinement will end some of the vast animal suffering on factory farms, the very existence of factory farms requires this dangerous misuse of antibiotics. The practice of factory farming must be ended.

With regard to Climate Change, carbon dioxide levels will pass 400 PPM (parts per million) later this year. Nadia Prupis writes, citing a new study published in the Nature Climate Change journal, that this level “will likely never fall below that line again in our lifetimes.” Based on unchecked climate change, Noam Chomsky and the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists advanced their Doomsday Clock to three minutes before midnight, a global threat level that has not been reached for 30 years.

Animal agriculture, dominated by Big Ag, is by far the most climate damaging industry on our planet, dwarfing even the oil, gas and petrochemical industry in comparison. For our health and our planets' each of us must reduce the amount of meat and dairy we consume in favor of fruits and vegetables. And factory farming must be stopped.

Finally, despite rising national awareness about the grave health risks involved in diets heavy in meat and diary consumption, you would think Americans are getting the message. However, in Pretty Much Nobody In The U.S. Leads A Healthy Lifestyle, Erin Schumaker finds that ONLY 2.7% “of U.S. adults hit the four key metrics of living a healthy lifestyle - abstaining from smoking, eating well, exercising and maintaining a healthy body fat percentage.” A UCLA study published in March found that 46% of California adults are pre-diabetic.

Are you one of them? Or perhaps someone care about, or someone you know? By the time a person is diagnosed with diabetes, regardless of age, irreversible damage has been done. Studies show that, even with lifestyle changes and medical treatment, for those diagnosed diabetic, on average, their life expectancy has been reduced by 10 years.

So THIS IS WHERE we come in.

Eat less meat and dairy. Do everything you can to campaign against factory farms. Spread awareness to your friends and throughout your social networks. Share this post. Invite people to read more about this on our site. Sign petitions, get active. Effect change at the state and local levels.

faCE LIFT has a petition to sign, good news regarding the health benefits of eating less meat, the Rapid Rise of Sustainable Plant-Based Foods, and reveals who is driving this surging demand.

In faCE LOVE, we profile one of our heros, Steve Ells , a man who started a small restaurant in 1993 and today, oversees 1900 of them – 1900 Chipotles. His company mandate was and remains to make best efforts to buy produce locally and from farmers who use crop rotation to protect the quality of their soil, and to source pigs that are humanely raised. Last year, when he could find NO PIGS IN THE COUNTRY that were humanely raised, he pulled popular carnitas off his menus – risking that his customers would head down the street to eat at a competitor’s, somewhere that served pork and didn’t care much about where it came from. And it is no coincidence that pork suppliers are now changing the way they raise their pigs. As Chipotle rebounds from food supply bacteria outbreaks last year, his customers remain loyal.

We also look at Willie Nelson,  Neil Young and those at Farm Aid as they take on the DARK Act.

Please get active on behalf of animals. Help us all end the cruelty of factory farming. Farm Animal Compassionate Engagement is about awareness - and solutions. There’s much more to learn about and discover on our site. Take a little time and explore faCE.

  • Eat less meat and dairy. 
  • Know your food sources.
  • Avoid factory farmed meat and dairy products completely.
  • Keep your friends and family informed. TELL THEM TO JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST!

Love, value and care for life. All life.