Issue 10's focus is on the positive. Advice for sourcing only healthy foods, for the best eggs, for living well. Stories of victories in our shared quest to eliminate the suffering of factory-farmed animals - and to heal the planet.

That is the mantra. Remain healthy and strong and aware – and become increasingly active and vocal. Raise your voice and take a stand as we enter this period of Dark Times.


The spirit of Joe Loria’s Mercy for Animals post, 8 Things Vegans And Meat Eaters Can Totally Agree On, embodies this which is why I’ve selected it as our featured article. I agree with all 8 ‘things’ on Joe’s list. How many do you agree with? You’ll learn very quickly what you’re about and where you stand.

Get active by signing the petition in faCE LIFT demanding that Tyson Foods adopt a responsible food policy. Tyson Foods is a corporation on the Dark Side. It was a pioneer in conceiving of and developing factory farming, its operations, its brutality and its scope. The cruelty and suffering this corporation has inflicted on countless billions of animals is probably unsurpassed. Over eight decades, it has crushed tens if not hundreds of thousands of small family farms and ranches. With its global reach, there may be no other corporation that has caused as much environmental damage as Tyson Foods in terms of polluting and degrading our environment and the climate health of the earth. Tyson's executives need to hear from you.

For egg eaters, Pasture-raised Eggs: Healthy And Humane with attendant links, makes clear the vast different in taste, nutrition and healthfulness of pasture-raised eggs. Source your eggs from farms that pasture-raise happy healthy hens.

In an example of how swiftly change can come when a major food industry corporation embraces animal compassion, we celebrate the fact that Unilever has delivered on its pledge to use only eggs sourced from cage-free hens three years ahead of schedule. This means each one of their egg suppliers was or has become cage-free – or they are no longer a Unilever supplier. Among other products, Unilever makes Hellmann’s and Best Foods mayonnaise. They source a lot of eggs.

In our faCE IT section, we continue to show you what factory farming is all about. There can be no illusions. This is the Dark Side.

We have been tracking the growing threat of a new antibiotic resistant Superbug. faCE Issue 3 and Issue 8 focused on this. The news now is scary. Sarah Zhang notes in Resistance To The Antibiotic Of Last Resort Is Silently Spreading, “One by one, over the years, the drugs {antibiotics} used to fight the most stubborn infections have fallen by the wayside as bacteria have evolved resistance to them. For certain infections, the only drug left is colistin.” Recently, a new gene, mcr-1, which is resistant to colistin, appeared on pig farms in several countries. It has now spread to humans… Sarah continues, “To be clear, these E. coli with mcr-1 found in China were still susceptible to antibiotics other than colistin, but if a bacterium with genes that make it resistant to every other drug then picks up mcr-1, you get the nightmare scenario: a pan-resistant bacteria.” ‘Pan’ as in pandemic.

Over 80% of antibiotics used in the U.S. are fed to factory-farmed animals. California legislation passed last year is putting a stop to this in California. Big Ag is pushing hard to continue antibiotic use on factory farms, to maximize profit from animals arriving to slaughter at top weight, and because living conditions are so virulent for factory-farmed animals, that without constant antibiotic dosing they would likely succumb to disease.

The second new article in faCE IT is the story of a woman who died because antibiotics no longer worked for her. 23,000 Americans die each year because antibiotics, including ‘The Antibiotic of Last Resort’ no longer work for them – and the number is rising. Imagine one day soon you get a routine infection, and you go to your doctor for an antibiotic prescription - only this time you find that antibiotics no longer work for you. Your infection progresses – and there is no longer any cure…

Dr. Joseph Mercola makes a strong case that Industrial Farming Threatens Food Security In The U.S. and worries that American agricultural farming practices will likely create another Dust Bowl. Find out why. This is a paper the White House should take note of – but I don’t think they will.

The faCE LOVE section always inspires me. We profile our heroes - advocates, authors, scientists, business and social leaders, those seeking and finding solutions. We cite businesses and endeavors, showcase an article featuring the beauty and intelligence of animals, and finally we cite a legislative accomplishment - the result of those utilizing the tools of our democracy to effect positive change.

Wonderful people, significant accomplishments at a time now when we shift into a Dark Period.

Agonize maybe, but do not despair. Stay healthy, live well and get active on behalf of animals and the health of our planet. Help us all end the cruelty of factory farming. Farm Animal Compassionate Engagement is about solutions. There’s much more to learn about and discover on our site. Take a little time and explore faCE.

·       Eat less meat and dairy.

·       Know your food sources.

·       Do not spend one penny on factory farmed meat and dairy products.

·       Spread the word to friends and family. TELL THEM TO JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST!

Love, value and care for life. All life.