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This is a time when BigAg and large corporations have unprecedented ability to influence and control politicians at every level of government via campaign contributions and multi-million dollar lobbying spends. Their attorneys, ‘think tanks’ and aligned Super PACs even draft legislation they’d like to see become law. Government agencies, such as the EPA and the USDA that exist to protect us from environmental pollution and health hazards, are also clearly under their controlling influence.

In light of this, it is encouraging how effectively environmental groups are protecting us and the environment using the courts. Our featured story, Environmental Groups Are Suing New York Over Water Pollution Caused by Dairy Farms – Here’s Why, is one example.

Study: Fecal Bacteria from N.C. Hog Farms Infects Nearby Homes details the passage by the Republican dominated state legislature of North Carolina of a bill by Rep. Jimmy Dixon (who has taken $115,000 in campaign contributions from the pork industry) placing the interests of Smithfield Foods and its pig factory farms, over the property rights and health of the hundreds of thousands of residents who live near those farms. You can see the writing on the wall. There is no recourse left - except to lawyer up.

Petitions are another very effective tool. In Victory! Subway Announces Monumental Chicken Welfare Policy, the power of 50,000 signatures resulted in the world’s largest fast-food franchise agreeing in writing to meaningful changes in its chicken welfare policies.

And then, on the world stage, when the World Health Organization next meets, as reported in Health Leaders Must Focus on the Threats From Factory Farms, the global problem of factory farms which constitute “a major threat to health and the environment” will be addressed.

Finally but perhaps most importantly, the power of our decisions as informed consumers is having beneficial impact. Cow’s Milk is Done For – Dairy Industry Sees Plant-Based Milk as a ‘Serious Threat’ reveals how the diary industry is reacting to the increasingly large number of consumers turning away from cows’ milk in favor of plant-based milks.

Yet factory farms continue to expand. The scourge remains. If you haven’t seen and felt what a factory farm is, please watch these two videos to understand what we are trying to put a stop to: Carton Of Cruelty: Behind Big Dairy's Closed Doors and "Spent" Hen Slaughter Investigation: Butterfield Foods Co.

Then, as a reminder just how amazing these animals are, please enjoy the video Mama Pig Finally Gets the Experience Millions of Others Don’t – the Chance to Care for Her Babies and the photo essay Newborn Cow Was So Scared The Day He Was Rescued.

Stay healthy, live well and get active on behalf of animals and the health of our planet. Help end the cruelty of factory farming. Farm Animal Compassionate Engagement is about solutions. There’s more to learn about and discover on our site. Take a little time and explore faCE.

  • Eat less meat and dairy.                                                                                                                
  • Know your food sources, avoid factory farmed meat and dairy products completely.                    
  • Keep your friends and family informed.                                                                                            
  • Ask them to join our email list!

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