faCE LIFT:  It’s Easy To Make A Difference

It’s easy to be part of this cause. Know that you’re joining a lot of us with similar concerns. There’s power here. Take a stand.       Here are 4 things you can do and a victory to celebrate right now.



1. Sign This Petition

In its commercials Olive Garden projects the image of convivial family and business friendly dining featuring a variety of innovative zesty Italian-based dishes enjoyed by energetic trending happy people. People celebrating food and enjoying the good life.

Unfortunately, the chickens Olive Garden serves are some of the most abused animals on this planet. This petition, addressed to the CEO of Olive Garden and 11 senior executives, insists that concern for the compassionate treatment of the chickens in their supply chain become part of their corporate policy.

Dozens of restaurant chains including Chipotle, TGI Fridays, Red Robin and Starbucks, as the petition states, “have released comprehensive, meaningful commitments to address the welfare concerns facing chickens raised for meat.” Olive Garden regrettably, still, has not.

Over 68,000 people have signed this petition as I write this. You should too.

I can't dine at an Olive Garden, or recommend it to my friends, or say or post anything positive about this chain until they do.  I cannot be one of those happy patrons while aware of two things: that a lifetime of horrific suffering was endured by the animals plated around me, and that there are potential health risks from eating chicken that was consistently fed antibiotics, hormones and other drugs just to enable it to survive such a pestilent environment.

This is an important petition well worth a moment of your time to add your signature to. Circulate it to your friends via your social networks as well.

This is how change happens.

2. Eat Less Meat; Eat and Drink Less Dairy

More and more of us are becoming aware of the cruelty gentle intelligent cows endure in factory farm dairies.

Take a stand: fight cruelty and injustice by the simple, powerful act of not spending your consumer dollars on food that is the product of animal cruelty and suffering. Do not contribute to ongoing and future animal suffering by supporting the companies responsible for it.

3. Live The Change You Want To See

Nurture and love all animals.

Here is Valentine’s story.

4. Celebrate This Victory!

While 68,000 of us continue to put pressure on Olive Garden to stop supporting animal cruelty, a petition and campaign involving over 50,000 of us has succeeded in getting Subway to improve its animal welfare policies.

Congratulations to The Humane League for this successful campaign! Well done.

5. Add Your E-mail to Our List So
We Can Keep You Updated.