faCE LIFT:  It’s Easy To Make A Difference

It’s easy to be part of this cause. Know that you’re joining a lot of us with similar concerns. There’s power here. Take a stand.       Here are 4 things you can do and a victory to celebrate right now.



1. Sign This Petition

I feel this is one of the most important petitions you can add your signature to.

Tyson Foods is a corporation on the Dark Side. It was a pioneer in conceiving of factory farming, in developing its operations, its brutality and its scope. Over eight decades, it has crushed tens if not hundreds of thousands of small family farms and ranches. Tyson Foods has expanded its operations worldwide bringing the factory farming model into other countries with similar results. There may be no other corporation on the planet that has caused as much environmental damage as Tyson Foods and the cruelty and suffering it has inflicted on countless billions of animals is probably unsurpassed.

This petition demands that this company’s executives begin to take stock of something far more important than their company’s bottom line: the role Tyson will play going forward in either degrading the planet beyond recovery and in the suffering of billions more helpless animals in its factory farms – or not.

Over 17,000 of us have signed this new petition. You honor our environment, our planet, you show compassion for farmed animals, and you honor yourself by doing so as well.

2. Eat Less Meat

If you are going to buy eggs, source your eggs. Know where they come from.

Pasture-raised eggs taste much better. You can tell just by seeing the richer color of the yolks. They are fresher. They contain more vitamins and nutrients than factory-farmed eggs. They are the product of happy chickens, who have normal – not artificially accelerated -  laying cycles, living healthy lives and thus, do not require antibiotic dosing to keep them disease free.

You will pay a bit more for these eggs, but the benefits are more than worth it. Your purchase is also supporting smaller scale family farmers, their families and by extension, their communities.

The theme of Issue 10 is, in these dark times, protecting yourself and your loved ones by living healthy, living well and staying strong. 

Stay strong and take a stand: fight cruelty and injustice by the simple, powerful act of not spending your consumer dollars on food that is the product of animal cruelty and suffering. Do not contribute to ongoing and future animal suffering by supporting the companies responsible for it.

3. Live The Change You Want To See

I’ve chosen Joe Loria’s Mercy for Animals post as the featured article in Issue 10.

I agree with all 8 of these.

Take a look. How many do you agree with?

4. Celebrate This Victory!

When major corporations agree to do the right thing and pledge to take significant steps to reduce or eliminate animal cruelty in their operations, they will announce a timeline to implement necessary changes. As time passes, some vacillate and renege once attention shifts away from them, others succeed in making promised changes on schedule.

Unilever, which makes Hellmann’s and Best Foods mayonnaise, fulfilled its pledge three years ahead of schedule. Well done!

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