At faCE, we envision a healthy future for our planet, for all of us. Here are advocates, scientists, businesses and endeavors we couldn’t think more highly of, each in its own way, an antidote, contributing toward the solution. Learn about their ideas, their endeavors, their way. Their successes need to be more widely recognized. Emulate them, inspire others.



1.  Recommendation: Person

In each Issue we will introduce you to someone who, each in his or her own way, is part of the solution. We hope you may be inspired learning (or learning more) about their perspectives, their ideas, their endeavors, their way. Gather strength from their example. Emulate their successes, pass the word and inspire others.

Here is one of our heroes:

2. Recommendation: Farm Aid

Willie Nelson, Neil Young and John Mellencamp have been growing Farm Aid and raising awareness about the loss of family farms. Since their first concert in 1985, Farm Aid has raised over $48,000,000 to keep farm families on their land and “promote a strong and resilient family farm system of agriculture.”

“In order for family farmers to thrive we have to create more markets for them, giving more people the opportunity to access family farm food. Farm Aid fosters connections between farmers and eaters by growing and strengthening local and regional markets and working to get family farm food in urban neighborhoods, grocery stores, restaurants, schools and other public institutions.” 

Follow Farm Aid. Spread their message. Support them. Flying in to attend one of their concerts could be an enjoyable weekend adventure! Buy and listen to the music of the artists that perform at a Farm Aid concert. Watch this video. They’re coming from a really good place.

3. The Beauty of Animals

Recognize the beauty, the wondrous complexity of these living creatures, of all living creatures, of yourself.

Our recommended article is:

4. Realize the power of our democracy, of legislation.

One of the strengths of our democracy is the power of the courts. In addition to legislative victories, legal action pursued through the courts is an effective tool to protect our health and our environment from polluters and other threats.