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Stephen Erickson, Founder - faCE

Stephen Erickson, Founder - faCE

We’re here to put an end to factory farming.

Think we’re dreaming? We are. We’re dreaming of a future without factory farming.

And we are not dreaming. We are going to stop it.

The business of factory farming is unsustainable, its essential design and practice horrifyingly cruel. Consumer demand in the United States for its products peaked several years ago and is decreasing. Despite its immense power and wealth, the factory farming industry is under strain.

Together, we can increase that pressure.

faCE is here to make each of us who is unaware, aware of the horror which is factory farming, of its significant threat to your health, to those you love and care for, as well as to the health and well being of our planet.

And we’re here to inspire you. Awareness is liberating. Living and enjoying a healthy life is liberating.

Changing an industry this vast and powerful can seem daunting. Learning about, let alone attempting to put an end to, the needless lifelong suffering of hundreds of millions of living creatures, can be disheartening. Do not limit your compassion, do not despair.

Farm Animal Compassionate Engagement has "skills." We will not only be curating the most important and compelling content for you, we will be presenting the most important voices. We are a hub for like-minded content creatives. We will be making a vibrant contribution to this growing conversation.

This is compassionate engagement. Join us and lend your voice to the voiceless.

Welcome to faCE!