“To get to Candy’s room, you gotta walk the darkness of Candy’s hall.”
                                                                                        — Bruce Springsteen


We’ve divided our Video Archives into three sections:

Content we've created and can’t wait to share with you.

Candy’s Room
Heaven on earth: videos featuring the beauty and wonder of these magnificent animals,
as well as insightful 
TED Talks and other programing .

Candy’s Hall
Undercover footage from factory farms, recorded at great personal risk, reveals the true horror these animals endure throughout their lives. Not everyone is ready to witness the actual reality of factory farming. We must warn you that the footage can be unsettling. That’s why these videos are in Candy’s Hall.  

It may be enough to visit this site and learn about factory farming and make healthy choices in your life based on what you’ve learned – without needing to walk Candy’s Hall. That’s fine. However, some things have the power to change you. Once you've witnessed them, you know. They can no longer remain unseen.

Please do not be afraid to experience Candy’s Hall when you are ready. Celebrities like Paul McCartney (Glass Walls) and Peter Dinkage (Face Your Food) are waiting there to escort you.